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User Rules

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  • You can only have a maximal of 2 accounts on this Server.

    ┗ The server team can lose track fast if there are to many accounts from the same user.

  • No inappropriate profiles. (usernames, nicknames or avatars)

    ┗ Nothing NSFW/NSFL(¹), racist, homophobic, disturbing, or sexist.

  • Usernames should not contain Zalgo, Blank names or unusual unicode.

    ┗  Usernames / Nicknames should be Latin characters and numbers only (A-Z / 0-9).

Text channels Rules

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  • Do not spam.

    ┗ Do not spam images.

  • Read the channel description.

    ┗ Some channels will have extra rules. Follow them.

  • Post media only in the media channels.

    ┗ This includes Music, GIFs and Videos. 

  • Use bot commands only in the bot channels.

    ┗ Bot commands belongs in the bot channels.

  • Don't send any Discord server invitation links, or any other type of ad.

    ┗ Asking "Can anyone help me to build a Server" is also not allowed.
     NOTE: You can only advertise in the "self promotion" channel.

Voice Channel Rules

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  • Don't use a soundboard.
  • Do not earrape in any way.
  • Use Music bots only in the music channels.

Other Rules

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  • Use common sence.
  • Don't argue with Staff.
  • Ban evasion is an instant ban.
  • Don’t start any type of drama in the server.
  • Trolling/Raiding will result to an instant ban.
  • Catfishing is not allowed. Please always use real information.
  • Do not judge people based off there Gender, Religion, Sex, Age.
  • We are NOT a dating Server. Flirting on this Server will be not tolerated.
  • Respect the "Ask to DM" and "Closed DMs" role. Ask the user before in "ask to dm".

Please Follow

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( ¹ ) ~ Not Safe For Work (NSFW), Not Safe For Life (NSFL)